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Deadline for Submissions: November 19, 2017


Funds are available to support travel and lodging expenses for 80 postdoctoral fellows and graduate students. Fifty percent of the participants will be selected from outside Brazil, and the international postdocs/PhD will be selected based on their CV credentials (see below). For those selected, FAPESP will cover the costs of your round trip airfare, 11 days of lodging (which includes breakfast), transportation back and forth between the hotel and the School, and lunch and dinner at The University of São Paulo Refectory).



Step 1. Create an ASCB online account.
Step 2. Complete the written portion of the application.

Applications must include:
• A letter describing the relevance the program will have on your career and their expected dates for obtaining your PhD or master’s degree
• One-page abstract describing your experience in cell biology research (including your own research results) for a poster presentation.
• A letter of recommendation from your advisor
• CV describing relevant aspect of your academic career such as publications and cell biology society membership.

After being selected, postdoctoral fellows and PhD students will be required to submit visa applications in advance to ensure entry into Brazil. The expense for visa applications will not be covered by FAPESP.